Do Property Managers Pay for Repairs in Chattanooga?

Do Property Managers Pay for Repairs in Chattanooga?

First-time rental property owners are often taken aback by the many responsibilities of being a landlord. That's why many of them turn to a rental property management firm to take the reins.

Maintenance is one of the most time-consuming of these tasks. It's imperative to ensure you comply with Tennessee's landlord-tenant laws, but your property manager isn't going to pay for it.

Read on to discover what is included in your property management fees and how this can help you save money and time on repairs and maintenance.

What Do Property Management Fees Cover?

Property managers offer numerous services to help you attract and retain tenants for your Chattanooga property. Many of them allow you to pay for services based on your needs or opt for a comprehensive range of management services.

These complete packages often include:

  • Advice on property upgrades
  • Rental analyses
  • Property marketing and listings
  • Showing the home to potential tenants
  • Tenant background checks
  • Lease origination and negotiations
  • Access to property management technology
  • Rent collection
  • Rental property registration
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Invoicing and basic accounting services
  • Routine property inspections

Superior property management companies may also offer tenant guarantees and eviction protection insurance, subject to certain conditions. You can also count on them for up-to-date information on the latest landlord-tenant laws.

Maintenance coordination is one of the most impactful services offered by these professionals. It can impact everything to do with your property, from rent pricing to lease renewals.

What's Involved in Maintenance Coordination?

Property managers might not pay for property maintenance and repairs, but they can help reduce the costs associated with them thanks to their maintenance coordination efforts.

Property maintenance coordination helps to keep your rental property in prime condition by overseeing preventive, routine, and seasonal maintenance tasks according to a set schedule.

By planning these activities over a year, your property manager helps you spread the associated costs over time and helps you avoid having to repair several types of damage at once.

These are some of the tasks they may include on their maintenance checklist:

  • Checking and changing HVAC filters
  • Testing safety equipment
  • Checking carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Roof inspections
  • Snow removal
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Checking for leaks
  • Inspecting appliances

If your property manager notices any pending maintenance issues with your property, they will reach out to you immediately to gain approval for correcting the matter.

Property management firms have arrangements with dependable local vendors and contractors to ensure their clients get swift attention. You will usually receive better rates thanks to these established relationships, too.

Premium Rental Property Management in Chattanooga

A property management firm can help you reduce the time and expense associated with repairs and maintenance by ensuring your rental home stays in good condition. This alone makes your property management fees worth it.

When you sign up with PMI Chattanooga, you receive the added benefits of 20 years of Tennessee real estate experience, plus our commitment to providing exceptional service for every one of our clients.

Explore the benefits of rental property management by talking to an expert today.