Tips to Ensure Your Property Always Looks Its Best

Preparing for a tenant’s self-guided tour or assisted walk-through? Follow these simple tips to ensure that your property is looking its best. A property that looks its absolute best during tours is sure to stand out to your potential tenants. They will appreciate the time and care you put into your property.


  • Make sure that the property is clean. 

This may seem obvious, but it is sometimes easily overlooked. Before the tour, arrive at least 30 minutes before your tenant and tidy the property up. Simple tasks, such as dusting, cleaning mirrors and sweeping or vacuuming, really can make your property stand out to potential tenants. 


  • Keep the inside of the property smelling good.

Vacant properties can tend to not smell their best when they have been vacant for some time. Before a walk-through, take the time to spray room spray throughout the property or even place wall plug-in fragrances throughout. Choose warm and simple smells, like vanilla, lavender, or fresh linen. Remember to not leave plug-ins after the tour to ensure safety. 

  • Take care of exterior details.

Weather and time can tarnish some exterior details. It is important to check on the exterior along with your interior before a tenant arrives. Place a new welcome mat outside, replace worn address numbers, change the porch light and ensure that the doorbell is working properly. The exterior is the first thing a tenant notices!


  • Perform monthly or weekly inspections.

Take the time to check in on your vacancies weekly or monthly. Ensure that any appliances in the property are functioning properly, any lighting in the property is working and greenery/yard work is well maintained. This is important not only for you, but to potential tenants as well. 


Having a property management team on your side can make this process easier to manage. At PMI Chattanooga, we want you and your properties to succeed. That is why we are willing to take care of these things, and more, so you can sit back and enjoy the success of your investments. Contact us and we can begin to take care of all the fine details!