What To Look For When Viewing Rental Properties

Of course, we want our rental property to look amazing inside and out before we decide to sign a lease, but have you thought about checking for these other things while viewing a property? Renters’ remorse is real and PMI Chattanooga wants to help you avoid it! 


  • Check the water pressure and temperature.


Always ensure that the water pressure is up to your personal needs. In the bathroom, test how long it takes for the water to warm up.


  • Test outlets.


Take a small nightlight or phone charger with you to test outlets in each room. Make sure that you do not smell any burning either.


  • Map your commute.


Before going, check your commute to work, school, etc. on Google Maps to make sure it is manageable. 


  • Check your cell phone reception. 


As you are touring the rental property, check your phone’s reception. This is important to do in all areas of the property, as some may have a spottier connection than others.


Thankfully, PMI Chattanooga has amazing property managers that go on-site to check these things for you. Check out our vacancies today and schedule a viewing!